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Our Manufacturing Process

The manufacture of our products takes place under the strictest of health and safety guidelines.

Our purpose built factory takes the raw products, delivered directly to our warehouse from the suppliers, and uses a strict controlled process to create our finished products.

Once the mixture is created in Large Stainless Steel drums, it is fed into state of the art packaging machinery which fills the packet / bottle and seals them to prevent tampering.  A random selection is taken from each production run and sent for thorough analysis.  The ensures our products are constantly matched to the latest Health Guidelines. Each batch of product is then given a unique code to make it instantly recognizable.

It is truly satisfying to see a product made, packaged and distributed from beginning to end. Whether it is by the ‘pallet’ to the United States and Canada, or smaller quantities to our trade customers, we apply the same principles of care and attention to ensure that our products continue to live up to our extremely high standards.