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ÆOLUS pheromones

ÆOLUS 5 is the only pheromone product produced exclusively for women. It contains ANDROSTENOL, the youthful and exuberant pheromone together with a blend of slightly fruity odours that have been called Copulins, these subconsciously indicate a fertile stage ÆOLUS 6 can be used by both men and women and is strongly recommended as a first purchase. It has definite positive social benefits! Sales people have found it to be enormously beneficial in their dealings with customers, as it tends to make people more relaxed, more receptive and behave more warmly to you – which, as we all know, is half the battle when selling! Older people seem to enjoy its effects and subtle differences it inspires in other people’s behaviour towards them. Indeed one of our customers has even gone as far as to state that ÆOLUS 6 ‘appears to inspire a natural sexual warming effect that had been lost with the years’. Fun venues like discos or parties can be given an extra oomph with it. Sprayed on to furniture or carpet (test a small area first) in advance of the event, it will instill onto its surroundings a subconscious message that this is a haunt of youthful and exuberant people. ANDROSTENONE is blended with ANDROSTENOL in ÆOLUS 7 and it was formulated to increase the average man’s attractiveness to Miss Average Woman. It also has applications in situations where someone wishes to appear more commanding or dominant.

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